For Existing Freeze 24▪7® Retail

We are pleased to launch another world’s first: Freeze 24▪7® Extranet.

This online resource will allow you to download to your computer the most updated Freeze 24▪7® materials including brand assets, product images, visual and merchandising aids, collateral, press materials, training documents, and more, while providing you with the latest brand information and news worldwide. The Freeze 24▪7® Extranet will contain the same information available in the Brand Guide, but will be updated regularly to reflect any changes.

How it works:

You will receive a URL and a password to access the Freeze 24▪7® Extranet. Once logged in, you will be able to download necessary materials for your market needs.

As the Freeze 24▪7® Extranet is still in its early stages, you can expect it to grow and change throughout the year. Of course, we value any feedback you may have on improvements to the site to make it as resourceful as possible.

Sincerely yours,

The Freeze 24▪7® Team

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